About The Torrey Botanical Society

The Torrey Botanical Society is an organization mainly for the people interested in plant life. It includes the botanists, professionals, students and the people who love nature. The society has got the tag of the oldest botanical society in the America. The higher officials and preeminent botanists aim at collecting information on different phases of plant and encourage R & D on it.

The Torrey Botanical society is named after the famous Professor John Torrey from Columbia College. He is the inspiration and guide for this society, which is the oldest botanical society in America. The initial phases of this society had Dr Torrey, amateur botanists, colleagues and students; who had actual interest in collection and identification of the plants. They used to meet in the evening time for discussing the ideas and findings for various species of plants. The organization was initiated in the year 1870 with the 1st publication as Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club. The formal incorporation of the society was in 1871 on which the scientific journal was published. At present, Torrey Botanical Society publishes the journal on quarterly basis.click here for more details.

About The Torrey Botanical Society

The main objective of The Torrey Botanical Society is the promotion of interest in botany and making joint initiatives to collect and broadcast the information on different phases of plant science. There are research sessions, public lectures, publications, field trips, meetings and conferences undertaken by the experts to give full review about the plant sciences and processes. The society is internationally known and affiliated with the American Institute of Biological Sciences. It is different from the other societies hosting various free lectures and trips.


There are many advantages given to the members of the Torrey Botanical Society. The members get access to the Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, newsletters and trip booklets for free. They become eligible for completing with the student training schedules and research awards. Torrey members get discounts on many renowned events for the major courses offered by various renowned institutes. The memberships follow calendar year and expire on 31 December. people used to visit with their pets like french bulldogs and enjoy many events in good environment.

You can become a member of the Torrey Botanical Society by emailing the fully filled membership form, which can be easily downloaded from the website. The copy can also be downloaded from the journals. You can even order the form online, but direct download would be easier. The interested members can get membership for only $10.

The Torrey Botanical Society has support for education and research. It has the training rewards for UG students or graduate students. All the students having membership of society are eligible for application. These applications are managed by Grants and Awards committee of Society.

The members are given login for accessing the journals and conduct their operations. There is listing for members’ directory for all the members. There is registration required for the accounts to become a member, conduct transactions and give donations. You can do everything on the website with your own login ID. It is always a great opportunity for botanists and aspiring candidates to join this society to get development processes on plants.…

Andrew Bick Protein House

Facts about Protein & its Importance


Protein supplement trends

There are many advertisements published in the newspapers, web and other sources explaining the requirement of protein. Protein is required for muscle development and repair in the body and also aids in weight loss. You need to bring out the warrior in you and learn about right intake of proteins.

Andy Bick has introduced Protein House having recipes designed according to fitness and diet control. It is better to eat protein rich food by natural ways and there are ample of food choices available for the same. You can order your favorite smoothie, burger, snack, pancake and anything else in the food outlet. This concept is appreciated by many people and they get to eat delicious recipes without having any guilt in mind.

Protein and Importance

Andy Bick has spread awareness about protein and its importance by the Protein House venture. People have started realizing the value of protein in their body and its natural existence in many food options. There are vegetarian and non vegetarian diet options available with rich protein. Proteins contain large chains of amino acids and are found naturally in many food sources. Some of the rich sources of proteins include:

  • Poultry, fish and meat
  • Legumes, dry beans and chick peas
  • Grains
  • Milk and milk products
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Some Vegetables (asparagus, cauliflower, sea algae etc)
  • Some Fruits (avocado, apple, grapefruit etc)

Fresh food items contain more proteins in comparison to the packed foods. You can get better amount of proteins by the freshly prepared items and Protein House recipes don’t include anything processed or packed. Most of the food items are prepared immediately and have all the goodness of food.

Impact of Proteins on the Health

Protein can build and repair body tissues and it is present in every cell. It also produces enzymes, hormones and other body substances. The body rich in proteins can get better immunity and has better stamina and energy for prevention of fatigue. The deficiency of this important element can lead to joint and muscle pain. 45% of the body is made up of proteins as it is found in HB, hormones, muscles, enzymes and hormones. So, in nutshell, protein is required next to oxygen and water for our body.

Proteins are broken down and get into branches of chains of amino acids. Muscles, nails, tendons, organs, glands and hair are made up of protein substances. The growth, repair and maintenance of the cells depend on the amino acids. Amino acids carry oxygen in the body and helps in muscular activities. They include antibodies for fighting infection and are responsible for maintenance and growth of body. It can help in overall well being of any body. Glutamine is an important protein and acts as a brain fuel. Amino acids influence:

  • Arthritis
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Hair and Nails
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Aging
  • Sleep and mood
  • Virility and Libido

Our body needs proteins for proper working and functioning of the organs.

How to make a schedule?

Eating healthy needs to be the habit of every individual and you require protein for the same. Your body system can work properly, if it gets adequate fueling. Protein rich food can give energy and higher metabolism to your body. Healthy eating habits are required for everyone and hence, Andy Bick introduced Protein House for developing the nutrition rich recipes for health conscious people. Americans are becoming highly concerned about their health and the younger generation focuses on having good food for remaining fit. It is important to eat and replenish the amino acids daily and hence, eating protein …

Build a Great Future in Botany

If you are thinking about the right career option in the present time, botany would be a good choice for you to build the better decision. The job of a botanist requires in-depth knowledge about plants and understanding the descriptions in the most appropriate way. There is study of plant species in lab and natural conditions. The job of a botanist is to study the plant cells and the characteristics of plants in the appropriate way. The nutritional quotient and value of various plants is determined for best development structure, genetics, plant evolution and much more.

It is essential to notice that botany has diverse approaches to follow as there are about 5 million species of plants to study. Botanists specialize in their own study of certain species and undertake different category of plants to study. For example, they might choose medical botany or forensic botany. The profession is well suitable to the people who are nature lovers. The people having interest in biology, math, physics and chemistry can do well in botany. for further details, visit : http://www.academicinvest.com/science-careers/botany-careers

Build a Great Future in Botany

You need to study with specialized subjects in botany to become professional and make your career as botanist. There should be deep involvement in plant and environmental life. You can earn bachelor’s degree to work as botanist and many colleges offer degrees in biological sciences for the interested students. High school diploma and general education is mandatory to get successful in the stream of botany. click here for more information.

Students interested to pursue their career in botany can take biology and chemistry. There are some organizations offering masters degree in biological sciences. People are getting high-end jobs with handsome salaries in botany field and the educational qualification is gaining popularity among science lovers. If you are interested in becoming a botanist, begin the preparation early. You can consider hiring a professional private botany tutor for guidance and get successful in building a successful career in botany.…

Greenhouse for Schools to promote botany

Greenhouse for schools is the best way to experiment and inculcate the feeling of love among students. Glass greenhouses are the most preferred ways to make students understand about the plants in a deeper way. Greenhouse for schools should be made sturdy and unaffected by the natural occurrences like rain and snow.

Glass greenhouses design should be well checked by an architect. The glass type walls should be resistant to all weather conditions. The working of greenhouse is very simple to understand. Students need to know about the effect of global warming and interact about their future. Melting glaciers are becoming a big issue and green house can be the appropriate way to protect the environment from air pollution. click here for more details.

Greenhouse for Schools to promote botany

Botany is taught in every school and glasshouse can serve as the best way for them to learn about the concepts related to botany. The understanding of these concepts can go in a better way for exploring the study with details. Botany can have a wide scope if students are given practical knowledge with live working of concepts rather than showing them by diagrams and charts. There is improvement in new ways of presentations, which make it interesting for children to study. Children tend to naturally get the love for the Mother Nature and get attached to plants and natural beauty in their own way. for more related information, visit : http://web3.cas.usf.edu/tbsg/benefitsofschoolgardening.aspx

Greenhouse for schools helps in air purification. There are many advantages of glass greenhouses. The plants will receive direct sunlight and photosynthesis will be performed in a systematic way. Air ventilation is essential for positive performance of plants and greenhouse installation is the easy way to ensure perfect growth of plants. The roots for botany can be embedded in the minds of children with glass greenhouses being installed in the school. It is the most preferred way to study botany and create interest in students for this subject.…

Career opportunity as a Botanist

Botany is an interesting field of science and has many advanced career opportunities to choose from. This diverse stream includes studies of plant and fungal science. There are many career opportunities for males and females involved in the stream of Botany. This field gives job satisfaction and benefits for R&D department.

Plant life is interesting and researching about it will always bring positive resources for human beings and animals. The biological diversity is affected by the various modes of pollution. Water and air pollution are hampering the botanical varieties. Ecologists, conservationist, plant explorers and taxonomists interlink together to get findings about various subjects of botany.

Career opportunity as a Botanist

You might get a chance to relate the findings with the people in different regions of the world. Biology relates to many other subjects, such as genetics, biophysics, ecology, modeling and mathematics. There are different fields related to botany. For example, the people interested in chemistry would prefer the fields of molecular biology, plant biochemistry, physiologist and molecular biology. Plants are easy to manipulate and cultivate, which makes botanists make new searches.click here for more details.

The study of plants is always interesting and botany takes help of physics, microbiology or mycology for new processes. Botany is scientific study of plants. This is the broad stream of study and gives many opportunities for the newcomers. Botanical research can improve the plant stream and enhance the production of foodstuff, flowers, building materials, medicines and other important plant products. Botanical knowledge can keep separate play area for kids and plant science can be assistive in controlling pollution. for more details, visit : http://sonoranweeklyreview.com/fuel-tech-wins-air-pollution-control-contracts-valued-at-2-2-million-nasdaqftek/

Plant science can involve peeking into plant cells and get the whole idea about building career in botany. Success depends on what you include in the job and want to get out of it. The jobs of botanists are rewarding and there are good salary scopes for the people entering into plant stream.…

Publications from the Torrey Botanical Society

The Torrey Botanical Society was inspired and guided by Dr Torrey in 1871. The first botanical journal in the Americas was the Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, which was named as The Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club till the year 1997. The major goal of this bulletin was to integrate scientific knowledge about plants and fungi.

The basic research and development about plants and biology will depend on the professors, students and botanists involved in the areas related to plant and fungi. There were original research papers with first section of 5+ printed pages and consisted of the review papers, research papers, distribution works, environmental and conservation concerns. The second part was termed as ‘Torreya’ and it consisted of the original research papers, conservation, environmental concerns, book reviews and other articles having importance of botanical backgrounds. click here for related information.

Publications from the Torrey Botanical Society

There is also publishing of Memoirs series by the society. Memoirs are published on irregular intervals in various sizes when there is any special or exclusive concern to be shared. The special collation of topics makes it interesting for readers to get the latest proceedings in botanical studies. There are 67 issues published in 26 volumes since the year 1889. The earliest issues were written by a single author, but the recent ones have been presented by collaboration of renowned authors. The latest volume (26th) is the first one to be published with the Long Island Botanical Society. It is entitled as Tidal Marshes of Long Island (NY) and provides the present view of marshes and management practices.

The Torrey Botanical Society also gives several awards annually for supporting botanical research, graduate student botany training in UG and graduate courses. There are competitive rewards and memberships applicable to the society and the recipients are announced about it before April 1 each year.…