The Torrey Botanical Society was inspired and guided by Dr Torrey in 1871. The first botanical journal in the Americas was the Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, which was named as The Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club till the year 1997. The major goal of this bulletin was to integrate scientific knowledge about plants and fungi.

The basic research and development about plants and biology will depend on the professors, students and botanists involved in the areas related to plant and fungi. There were original research papers with first section of 5+ printed pages and consisted of the review papers, research papers, distribution works, environmental and conservation concerns. The second part was termed as ‘Torreya’ and it consisted of the original research papers, conservation, environmental concerns, book reviews and other articles having importance of botanical backgrounds. click here for related information.

Publications from the Torrey Botanical Society

There is also publishing of Memoirs series by the society. Memoirs are published on irregular intervals in various sizes when there is any special or exclusive concern to be shared. The special collation of topics makes it interesting for readers to get the latest proceedings in botanical studies. There are 67 issues published in 26 volumes since the year 1889. The earliest issues were written by a single author, but the recent ones have been presented by collaboration of renowned authors. The latest volume (26th) is the first one to be published with the Long Island Botanical Society. It is entitled as Tidal Marshes of Long Island (NY) and provides the present view of marshes and management practices.

The Torrey Botanical Society also gives several awards annually for supporting botanical research, graduate student botany training in UG and graduate courses. There are competitive rewards and memberships applicable to the society and the recipients are announced about it before April 1 each year.