The Torrey Botanical Society is an organization mainly for the people interested in plant life. It includes the botanists, professionals, students and the people who love nature. The society has got the tag of the oldest botanical society in the America. The higher officials and preeminent botanists aim at collecting information on different phases of plant and encourage R & D on it.

The Torrey Botanical Society is named after the famous Professor John Torrey from Columbia College. He is the inspiration and guide for this society, which is the oldest botanical society in America. The initial phases of this society had Dr. Torrey, amateur botanists, colleagues, and students; who had an actual interest in collection and identification of the plants. They used to meet in the evening time for discussing the ideas and findings for various species of plants. The organization was initiated in the year 1870 with the 1st publication as Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club. The formal incorporation of the society was in 1871 on which the scientific journal was published. At present, Torrey Botanical Society publishes the journal on a quarterly here for more details.

About The Torrey Botanical Society

The main objective of The Torrey Botanical Society is the promotion of interest in botany and making joint initiatives to collect and broadcast the information on different phases of plant science. There are research sessions, public lectures, publications, field trips, meetings and conferences undertaken by the experts to give a full review of the plant sciences and processes. The society is internationally known and affiliated with the American Institute of Biological Sciences. It is different from the other societies hosting various free lectures and trips.


There are many advantages given to the members of the Torrey Botanical Society. The members get access to the Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, newsletters and trip booklets for free. They become eligible for competing with the student training schedules and research awards. Torrey members get discounts on many renowned events for the major courses offered by various renowned institutes. The memberships follow calendar year and expire on 31 December. people used to visit with their pets like french bulldogs and enjoy many events in the good environment.

You can become a member of the Torrey Botanical Society by emailing the fully filled membership form, which can be easily downloaded from the website. The copy can also be downloaded from the journals. You can even order the form online, but the direct download would be easier. The interested members can get a membership for only $10.

The Torrey Botanical Society has support for education and research. It has the training rewards for UG students or graduate students. All the students having a membership of society are eligible for application. These applications are managed by Grants and Awards committee of Society.

The members are given login for accessing the journals and conduct their operations. There is listing for members’ directory for all the members. There is registration required for the accounts to become a member, conduct transactions and give donations. You can do everything on the website with your own login ID. It is always a great opportunity for botanists and aspiring candidates to join this society to get development processes on plants.


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